Our Favorite Quick Getaway

Sometimes we need a change of scenery for a few days but can’t afford to board a plane and head to Maui. Lake Havasu is our cheap getaway that checks all the boxes.

o Close enough to drive (4.5 hours from Los Angeles)
o Water sports
o Scenic
o Cheap accommodation
o Detours
o In N Out
Things to do:
1. Our favorite thing to do there is jet ski on the lake. There’s nothing like the open            waters onboard a powerful watercraft! Also, the views on the lake of the surrounding      mountains are very relaxing. You’ll feel like you’re in Maui.
2. There’s a bowling alley in the small town. Google Havasu Lanes.
3.  Have a picnic at one of the beaches under a palm tree.
4.  Check out the original London Bridge that was taken apart piece by piece, shipped across the Atlantic and reassembled in Arizona. #jetskiingunderlondonbridge Get those likes in!
Where to stay:
We don’t really recommend any hotel in particular. There aren’t any major hotels here; only small independent motel type of establishments. They’re awfully cheap – $50-$70 a night. Another option is an airbnb home. A lot of people who own vacation homes there use them as airbnb rentals.
1. There’s an In N Out so life is good.
2. Golden Corral
3. Rebel BBQ has a really good mac n’ cheese and their meaty selections are pretty authentic. The place has recently moved and changed owners. They offer great service, very friendly people.
4. Scoops makes their ice cream and milk shakes in house. This is an old fashioned 1950s type of parlor. The smell of the waffle cones as you walk in…ahh!
1. The Grand Canyon is 4 hours north of Havasu. Just saying
2. Why not take a different route home, stopping at the 80 year old engineering marvel known as Hoover Dam and then continuing to Las Vegas.

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